Creating AtoZ Car Wrapping’s Identity: A Design Adventure!

The Ride Begins: When AtoZ approached us, I knew we were about to embark on something special! We dived deep into their vision, mission, and passion for cars to capture the very essence of their brand.

Colors that Pop: Choosing the perfect color palette was no easy feat! After countless creative explorations, we settled on a dynamic blend of vibrant hues that mirror the adrenaline rush of hitting the open road.

Crafting the Logo: The heart and soul of AtoZ’s identity lie in its logo! We combined elements of speed and artistic flair, resulting in a logo that showcases both precision and creativity – just like their impeccable car wraps.

Perfecting Typography: The right typography can make all the difference! We handpicked a modern, edgy font that perfectly complements AtoZ’s innovative spirit.

Visual Delights: We brought the brand to life with a series of eye-catching visuals that truly showcase AtoZ’s prowess in transforming ordinary cars into extraordinary works of art!

Collaborating with Passion: Working closely with the incredible AtoZ team was an absolute joy! Their enthusiasm for all things automotive fueled our creativity and made the entire process a blast.

The Final Drive: After countless brainstorming sessions and meticulous refinements, we are proud to reveal the spectacular AtoZ Car Wrapping brand identity to the world! Buckle up, because this brand is all set to take the streets by storm!

ClientSergiu C.ServicesBrand IdentityYear2016

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